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What would Neelie Kroes and Tim Cook say? How now? BrownCow

BrownCow member and Chief Professional Rebel Melissa Marijnen will participate in the 2nd edition of the BrownCow Young President Inch by Inch Program. Furthermore, this upcoming hotshot is one of the organizers of Startup Fest Europe, a nation wide festival in the Netherlands that helps startups grow faster by bringing together founders, investors, business leaders and developers around specific themes. Startup Fest Europe is a great way to show the world that the West Coast of Europe is a hot bed for startups and innovation. Startup Fest does this with inspirational speakers (e.g. Neelie KroesTim CookEric SchmidtTravis Kalanick and Nathan Blecharczyk), mind blowing demos and a great opportunity to make deals.BrownCow had a short Q&A with Melissa about Startup Fest Europe.

#1: What is Startup Fest?

Startup Fest Europe is a nation wide festival of events that help startups grow faster by bringing together founders, investors, business leaders and developers around specific themes (or verticals).

#2: When is Startup Fest Europe?

Startup Fest is a week during the European Presidency of the Netherlands during which startups are put in the spotlight. This is the week from 24–28 May 2016.

#3: What is the goal of Startup Fest?

The goal is to help European startups to get funding deals, network and talent.

#4: What is the relationship with Startup Delta?

Startup Fest was initiated by Startup Delta after consultations in early 2015 with leaders of the Dutch startup eco system.Constantijn van Oranje chaired these consultations and invited 75 leaders of the Dutch startup community to voice their views on how to create a true “West Coast of Europe” and bring international VCs and startups to the Netherlands.

#5: What is the relationship with the European Presidency?

Startup Fest is an officially affiliated event during the EU-presidency, during which innovation will be a prominent theme.

#6: What can startups expect from Startup Fest?

Startups can join different events during Startup Fest. Each participating event will have their own conditions to enter, join or visit. Please take a look at the event pages for more specific information about each event.

#7: What can the general public expect from Startup Fest?

We envision the whole of The Netherlands to be “taken over” by startup events, startup news and startup matches being made in the last week of May, 2016. No doubt regional, national and international media will pay attention to all the events happening all over the country in one way or another.

#8: Will Startup Fest Europe be a yearly event?

Startup Fest will continue to connect startups to investors and corporates beyond this event through the matchmaking app. After the evaluation with all the regional hubs we will decide how the brand “Startup Fest Europe” will be used in the coming years.

#9: What type of people will speak at the opening ceremony?

Neelie Kroes

Tim Cook

Eric Schmidt

Travis Kalanick

Nathan Blecharczyk

Pieter van der Does

#10: Last question, what does Professional Rebel do?

Professional Rebel empowers frontrunners in big organisations to ignite the startup spirit. Inspired by our roots in the startup world and international network of entrepreneurs, we create programs, bootcamps and masterclasses to enable creativity, innovation and independent thinking.


P.S. Twice a month I will write blogs as a BrownCow reporter, a company that helps gifted entrepreneurs “play Champions League” by connecting them to former captains of industry, seasoned entrepreneurs and hungry investors. I will interview people within the BrownCow network: former CEO’s (e.g. Anthony Ruys of Heineken) and high-flying entrepreneurs (e.g.Daan Donders of So Wifi Group). I will share insights on business building, leadership, B2B sales and funding. And last but not least, I will travel the world to assess start-up ecosystems in places like Silicon Valley, New York, LA, Tel Aviv, London, Berlin and Paris.

BrownCow has a network of 150+ start-up Members and 100+ experienced high rollers. BrownCow offers (1) Coaching, (2) Masterclasses, (3) Young President Inch by Inch Program and (4) Investors circle The Herd.BrownCow has the ambition to invest a staggering €25M in start-ups over the next 5 years (Dutch Financial Times: Old Boys storten zich op start ups).


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